Lawn Care Specialists Conducting Grub Control Services

grub control westfield maIn 2010, New England Lawn Care Inc. was established to provide the highest quality lawn maintenance services to its customers. Our lawn care specialists are proud to serve local residents and businesses. We help our clients tackle the most difficult and persistent problems, including lawn pest and weed control issues. One of the most frustrating issues that can affect the health of your lawn is the presence of grubs. Our team specializes in grub control services in Westfield and nearby.

When you hire our professionals for your grub control and lawn care needs, you are making the best possible choice for your property. You will be assigned a dedicated professionally licensed lawn care specialist. He or she will provide you with exceptional pest control solutions to your lawn's grub problems. You are guaranteed to be completely pleased with the results of our efforts.

If you believe that grubs are infesting your lawn and affecting the health of your grass, call New England Lawn Care Inc. today. Our Westfield pest control experts would be happy to assist you in any way that we can. Our knowledgeable and polite staff can answer any of your questions and can schedule your appointment today.

What are Grubs and Why are they a Problem

Grubs are the larvae form of beetles. They generally present a problem in the early spring. They thrive by eating the root systems of your grass. Eventually, they will grow into beetles which in turn can affect the health and well-being of your lawn.

If you notice that there are a lot of beetles in your lawn and landscaping during the summer or if there are brown patches in your grass, you could have a grub infestation. In this instance, it is always best to consult with a professional to deal with the problem. Our Westfield lawn care team is ready to assist you.

Grub Control Services in Westfield

As part of our lawn care program, our Westfield professionals routinely apply grub control solutions in the late spring. By preventing these larvae from developing into beetles, our team helps to ensure that your grass is healthy and pest free during the most important growing seasons of the year.

Because we use only responsible solutions to your pest control problems, you can rest assured knowing that our Westfield lawn care specialists are doing the best thing for your property, your family, and the local environment. You can take pride in both the beauty of your grass and the manner in which it is maintained.

If you are interested in our grub control services in Westfield, MA or nearby, please call 413-539-3101 or complete our online request form.

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