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One of the most common causes of a less than appealing lawn is soil compaction. Soil compaction inhibits root growth and water retention. As such, it prevents your grass from getting the nutrients and water that it needs to grow. At New England Lawn Care Inc., our lawn care specialists can resolve all of your soil compaction issues via lawn aeration in Westfield.

When you hire our team for your lawn care needs, you are making the best possible choice for your property. Our professionals are proud to provide the highest quality lawn services in Westfield, MA and the surrounding areas to both residents and businesses. We will assign a professionally licensed lawn care specialist to work specifically for you. During all of our efforts, including your lawn aeration, this team member will be completely dedicated to your satisfaction.

Call New England Lawn Care Inc. today if you believe that your lawn needs to be aerated. Our polite and professional staff would be happy to take your call and to discuss your needs with you. Our lawn maintenance experts can answer any questions that you may have about our lawn aeration services. We can schedule your appointment today.

What Causes Soil Compaction and the Need for Lawn Aeration in Western Massachusetts

Soil compaction is exactly what is sounds like. The top soil that your lawn grows in has become compact and dense. Inevitably, this happens to every lawn. It is a very common circumstance in all of the following instances:

  • Heavy lawn traffic
  • Newly constructed homes
  • Excessive thatch layers
  • Lawns established by sod

If any of these issues applies to your Westfield lawn, call our professionals today. We would be happy to personally inspect your property to determine if you would benefit from our aeration services. With our help, you can restore the quality of your top soil and the beauty, vibrancy, and health of your grass.

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Signs that You Need to Aerate Your Lawn

Without the proper training, knowledge, and experience, it can be difficult to know when to aerate your lawn. At New England Lawn Care Inc., our Westfield professionals can help you in this regard. If you notice any of the following problems on your property, it is highly likely that your lawn is suffering from soil compaction:

  • Rain puddles and runs off your lawn
  • It is difficult to push a trowel in dry soil
  • Grass roots fail to penetrate deep into soil
  • Soil is not moist after rain
  • Ice remains on lawn after melting elsewhere
  • Topsoil is thin

If you are interested in our lawn aeration services in Western Mass, Northern CT or nearby, please call 413-539-3101 or complete our online request form.