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New England Lawncare incorporates a ground up approach with organic lawncare. What this means is that we start with understanding what’s in your soil. Using an organic solution for lawncare means that all the natural factors in your property must be supporting the health of the grass and soil. Understanding the soil structure and the nutrient and pH levels will give the homeowner and New England Lawncare a great place to start in amending your soil needs.

Once we correct the soil, the grass density needs to be addressed. A lawn’s best defense is a good offense. This means planting grass and aerating regularly. With more grass density, your lawn’s natural shield against weeds will continue to strengthen. If weeds become a problem during an organic lawncare program, New England Lawncare has a solution. We call an organic lawncare program that uses herbicides a “bridge” program. We will use herbicides sparingly, at your technician’s discretion, to both gain some control on weeds but also to minimize overall pesticide usage. Consider these factors when choosing an organic lawncare program:

  • Seeding and aerating yearly on an organic program to raise grass density. 


  • With an organic program, turf density is your ultimate defense against weeds. 


  • Discussing herbicide usage, as there is NO RELIABLE organic herbicide option. 


  • Mowing at 4-4.5 inches in order to cool the soil and provide a weed barrier.
this is a photo of an aeration on a lawn in westfield ma, new england lawn care, organic lawn care

As you can see, there’s a lot to consider when choosing to use an organic lawn care solution. Let New England Lawncare, and a state certified turf manager, assess the needs of your lawn and discuss a plan to bring out the lawn you and your family have in mind. Contact us today.

If you are interested in our organic lawn care program in Western Mass, Northern CT or nearby, please call 413-539-3101 or complete our online request form.