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413-539-3101 491 West Rd Westfield, MA Now Hiring

I’ve had a really awesome experience with this company so far. They have been super easy to reach and are available by text which is great for when I’m at... read more

Mary Mccardle Avatar Mary Mccardle
October 2, 2022

Awesome small family owned company that cares about their customers

Tracy Root Avatar Tracy Root
August 2, 2022

This team is amazing, from the customer service at their office location to their professional Lawn care team. Their prices are reasonable and one word describes them "Amazing"

Adminda Scott Avatar Adminda Scott
June 2, 2022

So far so good, hopefully we get some results better than weed man

Donna Brown Avatar Donna Brown
May 2, 2021

So. I don't think you realize what you just did. We've been outside since maybe 7am shoveling. The woman you just helped shovel her driveway for free has been battling... read more

Jacob Nitch Avatar Jacob Nitch
May 2, 2021

Very responsive to my concerns, came out the very next day, Lawn looks great for mid summer.

Steve Buckley Avatar Steve Buckley
May 2, 2021

Very nice customer service

Steve Jackson Avatar Steve Jackson
May 2, 2020

Having used many Lawn Care companies for several properties over the years, meeting up with New England Lawn Care has given me a whole new respect for these professionals. New... read more

John Ulshoeffer Avatar John Ulshoeffer
May 2, 2020

We have been using New England Lawn Care for 3 years now. Our lawn has never looked better!! Very professional and courteous. Always willing to go above and beyond to... read more

Mike Vella Avatar Mike Vella
May 2, 2019

I have the best looking lawn in the area! New England Lawn Care is the BEST! I had used two other companies prior to using New England Lawn Care and... read more

Diane Avatar Diane
May 2, 2019

New England lawn care Inc has helped bring my lawn from sub par to one of the best on my street. They always perform there applications on time and have... read more

Jake Jodoin Avatar Jake Jodoin
May 2, 2018

After my lawn was killed by a national company, New England Lawn Care came over and turned a terrible situation into a great experience. Honesty, fair prices and fantastic results... read more

Nathan Medlock Avatar Nathan Medlock
May 2, 2016