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New England Lawn Care lawn fertilization services are guaranteed to leave you pleased with the health and beauty of your property. In certain circumstances, an organic lawn care program may be the choice. For other properties, there may be a need for a customized program with fertilizer and herbicide usage tailored to the circumstance at hand. Whatever the circumstances, New England Lawncare is above average in our attention to detail, recognizing the uniqueness of each property’s needs. There is a template we use, at New England Lawncare, for lawns that come under our care. We refer to this recipe of managing a lawn as our Premium Lawncare Program. We designed our yearly lawn care program around the specific needs of lawns in this region. A few recommendations we have include:

  • Crabgrass control and fertilizer applied during the early part of the growing season.
  • Insect and grub control applied in late spring and during the summer.
  • A balanced set of nutrients based on proven observation and soil testing techniques.
  • A lime supplement meeting the requirements of your property’s pH needs.
  • Weed control applied as needed, to fit the needs of the customer.

Lawn Fertilization and Lawn Care Services in Western Mass and Northern Connecticut

This Premium Lawncare Program will get your lawn headed in the right direction, but every lawn is unique, and the best way to understand what is happening with your lawn is to start from the roots. That’s where soil testing comes into play. Once we are able to determine your lawn’s soil needs, New England Lawncare can begin to structure an even more detailed program to cater to the specific needs of your lawn. Let our experienced turf managers assist you in providing the best lawn care program possible.

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New England Lawn Care Inc. offers premium lawn fertilization and lawn care services including:

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