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Everyone agrees, ticks are nasty. They’re small, they’re hard to pin down, and they can carry dangerous diseases that can infect you, your family, and even your pets. Ticks spend the winter hiding in mulch, under decks, in dried leaves, piles of grass clippings, shrubs, and nearly anywhere they can find safety. We spray for ticks year round because tick activity is constant. In order to protect you and your family, a routine, year round tick control program is recommended. We will spray the property in the most exposed and threatened areas and also create a barrier for the lawn, ensuring a safe and enjoyable environment for all members of your family. Here’s a list of some tips that can help minimize tick encounters:

  • When you are in areas of your landscape with long grass or trees, wear long-sleeved shirts tucked into pants and tuck your pants into socks.
  •  Wearing light colored clothes helps you to spot ticks before they get to your skin.
  • Use insect repellent on your clothes and any exposed skin areas.
  • Remove grass clippings and leaf piles as far off your property as possible.

On average, our dedicated team members, trained in pest management have 15 years of experience serving local residents and businesses. We have been successful for so long for one simple reason. In every service that we provide, we place customer satisfaction as our highest priority. Take your yard back this year by contacting New England Lawncare today!

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If you are interested in our tick prevention program in Western Mass, Northern CT or nearby, please call 413-539-3101 or complete our online request form.