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this is a close up photo of a push lawn mower mowing long grass

Mowing Tips

Mowing height is one of the most crucial details responsible for a lawn’s success during the growing season.  At New England Lawn Care we will grow it so you can mow it. Our products and recipe are designed for maximum turf potential. A lot of the time during the year that potential is hindered by an incorrect mowing height.  For the best possible results with our fertilizer program we recommend cutting the lawn at 4 inches, or the highest possible height, after your first treatment has been applied. 

Some benefits to mowing at a height of 3 ½”- 4” are:  

  • Creates a canopy to keep the soil cooler
  • Prevents weed germination from the sun hitting seeds on the soil surface 
  • Allows grass to become more competitive by strengthening density 
  • Better resistance to drought and heat with more water and nutrients stored in the blades
  • Turf will hold a darker green color at higher heights
  • Helps prevent stresses and disease activity
  • Strengthens root zones and encourages deep root establishment
  • Avoid cutting when the soil is saturated
  • Avoid cutting when temperatures reach above 85 degrees

A special guideline to use when mowing is to only cut off ⅓ of the plant at a time.  This practice will keep the lawn lush and green while promoting more lateral and horizontal growth. Cutting more than ⅓ off the blade will cause stressing and stunting especially if it’s done during the summer.