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Winterizing your Lawn

With winter approaching it is time to start winterizing your lawn.  New England Lawn Care has a Premium Lawn Care program that takes the necessary steps to preserve your lawn for the cold weather and make it so that it will come back in the spring time fresher than ever. This program is customized to fit the care your lawn needs to thrive throughout each season. In order to start the preparation it is important that the pH levels are tested so that we can measure the health of your lawn and determine if there are any nutrient deficiencies your grass may be facing. If your lawn is in fact facing this issue we have our turf managers in Western New England and Northern Connecticut who will develop a solution tailored to the Soil Ph Problem.  After testing your soil we want to make sure that we create a safeguard for your plants and get rid of those pesky weeds that soak up the very same nutrients your plants need. It is vital to remove the weeds before the winter reaches your lawn. Lucky for you we specialize in weed services, which consist of Weed control, Grub Control Treatment, Crabgrass Control, Nutsedge Control and Poison Ivy Removal.

Time to Fertilize

After the preparation is complete it is time to apply fertilization to promote healthy leaf growth and continue giving your lawn the nutrients it needs to survive through the winter.  Our organic lawn care program will enable this process to happen at a healthy pace and we take the extra steps that are needed so that you can get the bright green lawn you wish to see once the snow disappears. Once the fertilizer is applied Aerating the lawn is the extra step we take to make sure your lawn soaks up the supplements we are feeding it. This process ensures a proper path so that air, moisture and nutrients are able to reach the roots in the most feasible way.  Since we live in a Northern climate this is the most beneficial season to spread cool weather grass seed. These seeds are the best options for us because it allows grass to grow exceptionally well during the cool seasons and in New England we sure know about the cool seasons!

Cover your Plant Beds

After all is said and done the last tip for winterizing your lawn is making sure you cover your plant beds if you have any that are present. Adding compost or fertilizer to your bed is a great tip because it allows the soil to absorb the nutrients over the cool winter. Once this layer is complete adding straw or mulch will help prevent soil erosion or nutrient leaching as well as blocking the weeds from growing.

Protect your plant beds from frost

Here at New England Lawn Care we assess each lawn and treat it as if it was our own. We customize our programs to make sure that your lawn gets exactly what it needs at the time it needs it. You no longer have to worry about the cool weather killing off your lawn; we will help keep it healthy and well for the seasons to come.