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this is a photo of a hand spreading seed onto soil

Seeding Tips

When it comes to installing a new lawn, renovating an old one, or annually seeding as a maintenance plan; overseeding with new grass varieties is a key to the longevity of a lawn’s success and is very beneficial. 

  • Updating new grass varieties that are site specific.
  • New seed technology is being developed to handle drought, heat, disease, etc.
  • New grass takes up to 2 years to fully mature.
  • For best results renovate/ plant seed in the Late Summer- Early Fall
  • Seed to Soil Contact is your best friend and will give higher germination percentages
  • Mix seed with top 2 inches of soil
  • Contact your lawn technician or our office for watering instructions and expectations 
  • Traditional Grass seed will give the best end results

With most initial seedings for a lawn, especially hydroseed, the areas will need a Fall follow up until the turf is satisfactory and soil permeates water evenly. All lawn renovations should be done in the late summer to early fall time, starting in the last week of August. 
Spring Seeding Note: If a spring seeding is needed to repair plow damage or winter kill on shady lawns a Fall time follow up is always recommended.  Full spring renovations are not recommended as this time of the procedure will change our Lawn Care Program’s recipe and the chances of new turf survival through summer is low due to stress factors like temperature, pests, and invasive grass species. If a spring seeding is unavoidable please contact us so we can communicate a course of action for your property.